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All you need is a verified account and a deposit of 2000 euros per auction item.

After winning an auction, you will be contacted by our manager to agree on the delivery terms and provide your company details. The manager will send you a contract to sign and a proforma for advance payment. Once the payment is received and the contract is signed, depending on the agreed delivery terms, delivery will be arranged or the customer will be informed that the tractor/trailer is ready for collection. 

You can bid for one item an unlimited amount of times.

A single deposit of 2000 euros allows you to bid for one item at a time.


Yes, you can take your deposit back at any time as long as you are not participating in an auction.

You will receive your deposit back within 3-5 working days. It could take slightly longer depending on your bank.

Each batch item requires to pay a 2000 euros deposit. For example, 5 batch items require paying 10000 euros.

We will verify the deposit after receiving your bank transfer. It may take 1-3 working days depending on the bank.

Sometimes the banks can stop payments and in this case we will ask the customer to provide additional documents required by the bank.

Unfortunately, the euro is the only bidding currency we are planning to use at this moment.


Yes, you receive the full amount of the 2000 euros deposit after losing an auction if you make a written return request.

Once you won an auction our support team will contact you as soon as possible with further steps that are required to take in order to receive the items you won.

A batch auction is a type of auction in which you bid for multiple items (more than 1, at least).

The winnings of the auction are avaibable within 3-8 work days. 

Our support team will contact you with all the required details and steps needed to take.

Yes. If you request to see an auction item beforehand, you should contact us to schedule a meeting.

Yes, you should contact our support team and schedule a meeting. Further information will be given to you during the call.


Once your personal/company information is provided and no interruptions occur during the verification process, the account is verified within 3 work days.

Yes. Please contact the administrator by info@trucksmerchant.com

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